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"Redo of Healer" More Popular with Women According to Creator

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5:00 pm, Mar 27 2021
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Quote from Nicchoban
According to the creator of Redo of Healer, the anime series has been more popular with women than men in spite (or because) of its themes and content.

Light novel author Rui Tsukiyo mentioned recently on Twitter that they were surprised to learn that a greater percentage of women were watching Redo of Healer compared to other anime titles.

Tsukiyo allegedly received this information from the metrics of a streaming service that is showing the series. This news will come as a surprise to some as Redo of Healer has been criticized for its use of sexual assault as a plot device and its treatment towards female characters; these things contributed to the show being canceled in Germany.

The manga and light novel versions of the series have also been refused by English publishers.

And, for the actual tweet itself:
Quote from Rui Tsukiyo
Fox is surprised to hear that the ratio of women in the audience is higher than the average for the anime of Redo of Healer (The calculation method is the member information of the distribution site)

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