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Do not support plagiarism and read the original BERSERK

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9:55 pm, Mar 29 2021
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I share with all the readers of this manhwa has been plagiarizing BERSERK 1989, I reported this to a Korean group and they blocked me, please support the original and share this, I will publish this everywhere. Learn to respect the work of others for years one thing is to be inspired (goblin Slayer) and this is plagiarism.
Do not support plagiarism and read the original BERSERK, that is why the dialogues in this manhwa are so tangled and rare (to hide when scenes are stolen) and that is why it does not explain the worlbuilding because it stole everything from chapter 1 and now in the present is doing it more blatantly.
Spoiler (mouse over to view)
1. Everything about Griffith (minus the charisma): design, demon-human, powers, he is mute, demons do all the work etc

2. LOCUS (in the manhwa it appears in chapter 65)

3. Zodd (in the manhwa appears in chapter 65)

4. Guts and Puck dynamics

5. Griffith's pot: the child of the moon. (in the manhwa chapter 51, 52)

6. The symbols of Guts and Griffith (the beast of darkness and the hawk of light)

7. Puck squirrel version

8. Puck version king of the elves. In the manhwa it appears in chapter 62

9. Puck and ivalera

10. Grunbeld (chapter 69 in the manhwa)

11. Irvine (chapters 49 and 84 in the manhwa)

12. The Hawks Sword Mountain Scene

13. Griffith's Reincarnation Ceremony

14. Griffith gouged out the MC's eye and cursed him (in manhwa chapter 1)
15. Griffith's pot has parents
16. Dannah design
17. Worldbuilding of fairies
18. Griffith throws himself on top of Casca to manipulate her (chapter 71) in the manhwa (chapter 63, 64)
19. Scene of Griffith in the carriage (chapter 72), in the manhwa chapter 65?
20. The worldbuilding of the apostles
21. CORRIDOR OF DREAMS, in manhwa chapter 71
22. The 5 disciples the hawks 2.0: Judeau-carsilion “the emperor”, Pippin-Yulian “the elf girl”, Corkus- Dan “the half demon”, Ricker-eldow “the loli fairy”
23. The mad dog scene of Guts and Casca, as well as the representation of the beast of darkness: chapter 31 in the manhwa
24. The facade of "Griffith's hawk of light"
25. Scene from Guts and Judeau (chapter 71), in the manhwa chapter 73
26. Griffith glares at Guts and casca, in manhwa chapter 51
27. The conflict between the Tudor empire and Midland
28. Griffith's methods of recruiting soldiers (Griffith and Casca), as well as manipulation
29. The arc of the lost children, in the manhwa from chapter 74
30. It was based on Rosine and Sonia to create this character = Tenzel that appears from chapter 73
31. That same tenzel, is the mother of fetus-kun
32. Griffith's hallucination in chapter 72, in manhwa chapter 71
33. The oracles the plagiarist attributed those powers to the fairies (in manhwa chapter 61 and 75)
34. The use of the astral body of Schierke, Flora and Fernese. In the manhwa I also attribute it to the fairies chapter 61 and 84
35. The scenes of the beast of darkness (the light burns me and what you want is to beat Griffith). In the manhwa they are chapters 62 and 72
36. The behelit calls them hearts XD
37. The sacrificial ritual

38. Halucinations made by demon spirits (berserk chapter 118). In the manhwa chapters 72 and 73.

39. The attack on a village by the trolls in the manhwa from 65 to 70

40. The hawk of light manipulating Guts to kidnap children, in manhwa chapter 62
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Post #789663 - Reply to (#789549) by schierkeisw...

12:06 am, Apr 4 2021
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Dam my eyes are bleeding. After binge read a bit of Charlotte has five disciples I checked some of the moments you said . It's a clear example of mass produced manhwa (I cannot really say there even exists one that isn't ballantly commercial ).

It's as if you made the screenwriters of a Barbie film watch Berserk and then made the do a slow paced shoujo-ish manhwa out of it.

I mean the author is such a bad writer that he takes 60+ chapters that to introduce the mostly hotguy wannabes disciples /characters and start the series plot .

He mostly sets the scene in the first chapter to then throws all out the window, to suddenly halt the story and most the action (that hasn't yet been explained).

The next chapter is basically a lame excuse to do an "in media res" start and then slowly, introduce with flashbacks/filler episodes one by one the backstory of each character. Whilst they restart the main action at a snail's pace. 😢

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