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The Soup Syndicate is Recruiting All Roles!

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8:23 am, Mar 31 2021
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♔★»-~• ♡ THE SOUP SYNDICATE ♡ • ~-«★♔

Hello everyone! We are a newer scan group that works on any genre, from BL to Wuxia, we will do it all!

We are currently recruiting every position. We accept trainees as well!

Every role is [Urgent]!!!

Projects we are working on:

✿.。.: ☆::. Senior Dont Run Away - (Manhua, romance, School Life)

✿.。.: ☆::. Cute Winter Days - (Manhua, BL, Romance, School Life)

✿.。.: ☆::. PK Girl - (Manhua, Slice of Life, Magic)

✿.。.: ☆::. My Fairy Loves to Get Jealous - (Manhua, Romance, Cooking, Comedy, Supernatural)

Thank you for taking the time to read! Hope you'll join our server!!

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7:46 am, Apr 16 2021
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Bump! Still recruiting all positions! Trainees are welcome too~

Post #789959

4:57 am, Apr 18 2021
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I'm a beginner level typesetter. If you're still recruiting I'm available!

Post #790138

7:25 am, Apr 26 2021
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Bump! Still recruiting! Join our discord!!

Post #790297

9:24 pm, May 4 2021
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Bump! Recruiting all roles with experience. TL, CLRD, TS Trainees are accepted!

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