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Help needed ❤

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12:19 am, Apr 4 2021
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🔥Eternal Flame🔥

Heeyyyaaa!! We are a new bl scan group that is friendly and bubbly~ We want to bring you some amazing content. We are a non profit scan group, so please support the author as much as you can.
To be able to bring you fast content we are looking for some help.


Raw Provider/Raw Compiler
Korean Translators
English/Korean Proofreaders
D**ck Redrawers
Quality Checkers

Sever isn't open yet, so if your interested please DM me

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4:39 pm, Apr 6 2021
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I can help with RP and btw, you didn't really put your discord name in. 😂 So I'll just post here and PM you just encase.

Owner of BAP Scans
Moderator + Editor + Proofreader of Misty Rain Scans
... and many more.
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