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Secretly married high school students.

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3:24 am, Apr 4 2021
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Hi! I forgot the title I need help please. So the mc's are neighbors both from single parents,the boy with his dad and the girl with his mom. They are kinda childhood friends.The girl always comes over to the boy's house to cook for them. When the girl's mom died and she got nowhere to go (she begged her relatives to let her stay in exchange for housework) but the boy doesn't want her to leave so he asked her to marry him instead. They got their own apartment since the boy did some modelling when he was a kid and got a huge savings. And the boy wants to do "it" to the girl coz they are married but the girl is sooo shy....but she gave in. Sooooo that's all I remember. P L E A S E HELP ME FIND THE TITLE PLEEEEEEEASE😢😢😢😢😢[m]

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3:09 am, Apr 9 2021
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you remembered a whole lot. The title is I got married to masaomikun.

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