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Shuumatsu no Valkyrie Record of Ragnarok Remastering staff needed (no exp needed)

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1:40 pm, Apr 5 2021
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The project is simple, The manga already has unedited English scripts, paper manga to scan and an enthusiastic crowd of fans waiting for more. The problem.....The existing version sucks. I plan to remaster it to make it worthy of collecting it digitally and read it many times.

I'm looking for enthusiastic people with:

1-Creative writing skills and excellent grammar to do revisions/grammar corrections timely.


2- Knowledge how to clean HQ scans


3-willing to learn basic typesetting


4- Fans of Shuumetsu no Valkyrie Record of Ragnarok willing to do a little bit of everything.

We aren't a scanlation group, we just want to remaster the current version with resources we acquired. We plan to rewrite all the dialogue from the ground up, scan and produce HQ versions and redo the typesetting to a more enjoyable version.

If interested, please PM me.

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