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10:48 pm, Apr 6 2021
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Hello! :3

I started reading yaoi a year ago and discovered this site a few months ago. It is very useful to keep an eye on my fave series. And so I saw a bunch release of yaoi manga a few days ago, on the 01/04/2021, by the Harudaki group. I was delighted to have discovered a new scanlation group at first. However, I soon noticed that I can't find their translated series anywhere, and the link to their site here only sends me to an old site?
I just wanted to know if there is a way to read their releases or even to a way to contact them and ask them... Can anyone help me, I am confused. (':

Well, thank you for taking your time and reading my post. ^^

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Procrastinator and

4:02 pm, Apr 7 2021
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I only know their IRC from a credit page that was in one of their leaked releases.

I don't think they have a website or anything... It's basically a very secretive group.

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8:03 am, Apr 26 2021
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They don't post anything publicly, they shouldn't even be in the releases section of BU, lol.

Post #790180 - Reply to (#790140) by meniel
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10:29 pm, Apr 28 2021
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Honestly, I agree. I was actually thinking about contacting the admins to see if it was something they'd agree with.

Their group is 100% closed, nothing is shared with readers outside of their group and no one is able to join the group. Thus, they shouldn't be shared on a site where people are looking for stuff to read, scanlate, etc. All it does is make a work appear to be scanlated, turning other groups away from those titles, leaving the rest of us unable to ever read those manga.

Instead, if they want to keep their stuff private, totally acceptable imo, then they should not be shared here. Other groups will see the work has not been officially scanlated for public view, and so they might choose that title and we'll be able to enjoy the work like any other.

Post #790296 - Reply to (#790180) by TehShush

7:46 pm, May 4 2021
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I agree with you. I remember looking for a certain manga that they translated and I couldn't find it anywhere. And their website is closed as well. I tried to email them but nothing works. It sucks and I really want to join their group haha. But oh well. I guess they are really private ones.

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