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Yaoi manga I can’t remember

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1:27 am, Apr 7 2021
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Hi! I’m trying to find this yaoi manga I read a while back

it has two stories in one (two couples) but I can only remember what happens to the second couple

If I remember correctly, a skinny lookin regular office worker secretly likes to cosplay and wanders into a cosplaying store owned by his love interest, who’s blonde and rather buff. I think he makes the office worker a pair of underwear lol, but I think the owner tries to get the worker to embrace cosplaying instead of being ashamed of it.

I remember the store owner wearing feminine clothing, but there’s a chapter where he wears glasses and a suit. I am also pretty sure they talk about what they would wear for their wedding if they had one? (Like who would wear a dress, suit, etc)

I believe in the last chapter both couples go to a hot spring but idk if that’ll help. I don’t know if anyone will be able to find it but if u can I’d be grateful!!!

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9:33 am, Apr 7 2021
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Chapters 5-6 of Shuraba Maker
by Fujimako

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12:18 pm, Apr 7 2021
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Thank you so so much!!! ❤️❤️

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