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Author' name is not searchable for some type of characters

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3:52 pm, Apr 8 2021
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I don't know how to properly describe, nor how to use the word/term correctly 😓. So thanks for correcting it

This happened to me several times. In JP and KR. (I rarely read manhua so I don't know if it happened to CN characters). For JP, I only met one case (because of ゙or ゚)

(1) If I can delete a syllable/word, I can search it.
(2) If I can only delete a stroke/a mark/a letter of a syllable/word, I can't search it (no result)

Eg: for full name 모랑지

모랑ᄌ --> then the name 모랑지 is not searchable
모랑 --> searchable

But if I copy it from Name (in native language) then paste to Associated Names, it becomes type (1) and searchable
Usually I will Google the name then copy-paste another type

Here is the one if you would like to check
At the moment in native names it's still type (2)

Actually I found a lot of type (2) that I couldn't remember how many. After posting this I continue to find several ones. But I'm not sure if it only happened to me.

Does it happen to anyone here?

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