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Clover (Chiya Toriko) Translations

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1:19 am, Apr 13 2021
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Long time member, but first time posting to the forum. Just wanted to let people know that I've been translating Clover (Chiya Toriko) since no one has been doing it for years.
Thought I would share my scripts with anyone who wants them. Visit my old scanlating site at Do with them as you wish. I'm currently at volume 15.

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1:25 am, May 7 2021
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Welcome to the forum!

How did you get into translating?

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Post #793447 - Reply to (#790345) by pathospades

11:00 pm, Nov 2 2021
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@pathospades Sorry, I just noticed your reply. I got into translating around 2008 just from teaching myself Japanese and my love of manga. I really want others to read all the great shoujo and josei out there instead of all the shounen stuff on the shelves.

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