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SciFi,guy flies ship into light becomes young...

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7:22 am, Apr 20 2021
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Hi, for the last month I've been searching for a manga I just can't seem to find. The plot went something like this, the mc was a kid who made a promise to meet up with his best friend but instead hung out with his other friends in the pool. Come next day the friend he was supposed to meet up with and gave him a trinket was dead.

To make matters worse the town he grew up in was covered in a sphere of light in which nothing can penetrate. Fast forward he is flying a prototype ship meant to go in that light and blacks out mid test. When he comes to he realizes he's a young boy again and can re do his past. After that something about helping his friend by challenging his friends dad to poker or something.

Can anyone help name this odd manga?

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1:13 pm, Apr 22 2021
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Let me describe chapter 1 , maybe that will help. It starts with a man sitting in a ship, seems like he's doing a test run of new technology with an organization. They launch him to a place covered in light/force where his hometown used to be. He has a trinket and laments how he should have not stood up the person who gave him the trinket when he was a young boy and that he will surely find a way to save her this time. He seems to lose consciousness as something goes wrong.

They show his background of the day he laments where he put off meeting someone and instead played in the pool with his other school friends including a girl who might like him. Next day he finds out that his friend has died and has been guilty since. He wakes up to find that he is now a kid but he still has his tech and ship so he hides it and runs into his rich friend who he hung out in the pool with that day, determine to do this right this time around.

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1:11 am, Apr 24 2021
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Ok no more need for this I found it after much searching. Thank you.

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2:12 am, Apr 24 2021
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Could u post the name here pls. I also subscribe to this topic hoping that someone know
Thank you

Post #790093 - Reply to (#790079) by meijita

5:38 pm, Apr 24 2021
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It's called re:teen

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