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8:26 pm, Apr 26 2021
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I tried asking a question here and was successful, so thought I'd try with this one. I found someone asking the same question, but wasn't able to ever figure out the title of the work. The description is:

"It s about the uke sending love letters to the seme (i think by leaving them in his locker). And the seme starts to fall in love with the person writing the letters but, here s the catch, he thinks the person sending the love letters is a girl. I m pretty sure at some point the seme starts leaving notes for the secret admirer and asked for their phone number. Meanwhile the uke knows that the guy he likes thinks he is a girl so he's reluctant to give him his number but after a bit they end up texting. Even after they start texting the seme still thinks the uke is some cute shy girl. At some point the seme starts calling the uke but he is the only one who will say anything bc uke is aware that he isn't a girl and is really shy. The seme has the female friend who he usually talks to about this and at some point suggests to him that maybe his secret admirer doesn't want to show their face because they are a boy"

Thanks in advance!

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