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New Poll - Death Penalty Alternative

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7:21 pm, May 4 2021
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I'd put that under "cruel and unusual punishment." The death penalty is much more humane, at least as it is usually carried out.

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8:05 pm, May 5 2021
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I vote "I don't believe in the death penalty". This is a very interesting question for a forum ,but the question (as written) is way too loaded . Psychiatric patients and criminals are two different things (law doesn't put it's full weight on psychiatric disorder patients for very good reasons...and it's also another very interesting topic ).

Saying crime is a disease or can be "cured" is going on to murky waters. That train of thought can make simple minded people generalise the reasoning and thing anything out of norm is a sickness that can/should be cured (different political views ,homo/transexuality,...)

There are quite many doctors that are completely ok with branding anything as a sickness. This can also derail into thinking that anyone who willingly has these thoughts si a criminal (in some not so extreme cases lead to political/legal persecution).

Lobotomy is still a viable procedure in some places and there are also many studies certifying it. So the question is a bit charged if you're thinking in the cinematic portrayals of it,since the objective of it isn't to leave you handicapped or vegetable.

For example electroshock is an effective standard procedure almost everywhere in certain cases but I bet the if you're thinking on it's cinematic portrayals you'd be shocked😛 to hear this.


9:30 pm, May 6 2021
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Oh, on my first reply I actually missed this remark from lambchopsil:

Now I'm curious if people think FTL is possible

We've actually proven a theoretical FTL travel already. It's not literally FTL in the direct sense (the sense that would cause relativity to imply time travel), but it's a spatial shrinking & expanding in front of and behind you as you move forward, that with enough energy (iirc the numbers were that you'd need as much energy as is stored in the entire mass of jupiter to allow a single human to travel this way) you could end up in such a location as if you were traveling faster than light.

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11:43 am, May 8 2021
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I've read somewhere that my country didn't really practice death penalty, even if the law to execute it exist. Personally, I don't really mind if death sentence for corruptors is executed as a set of example (Usually corruptors in my country only have a few years in jail--not to mention that jails for corruptors in my country is as nice as a hotel suite room--because they are elites who have money and authority).

Since death sentence never really practiced in my country, I don't know how effective this altering personality punishment is. However, I feel like even strong hypnotism is like a bubble that could popped up any time, means its effect might not be permanent. And even if these criminals became the law-abiding citizens and such, there are external factors that should be considered, like where would they be placed after altering their personality? In case for corruptors, would they be put back in their previous post, a new post, or would they be trashed in society? How about the surveillence on these criminals to make sure they're not doing the same thing again, or that their personality still altered?

Considering that the law is often on the sides for the elites who owns money and power, I'm not sure if the system to alter personality in exchange for death punishment would not be corrupted too. Even now, the system is already as corrupt as it is.

So, my answer so far is "No".

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5:28 pm, May 8 2021
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I don’t believe in the death penalty, but a lobotomy seems more immoral, no? Even if there were some future technology where a person’s personality could be modified without negative side effects, I don’t know how we could invent it without incredibly immoral experiments that would never be approved by an ethics board. Maybe that scientist with the twins and CRISPR will give it a try, lol.

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