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Stray JPTL looking for a new home

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4:53 pm, May 7 2021
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I’m in the middle of translating a manga when our scans decided to close down. I would really like to finish tranlate the manga I’m working on, it’s called Mugi no Wakusei. Anyone want to pick this up? I can join your team afterwards. But my fav genre is BL though.

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8:09 pm, May 7 2021
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I'm shocked no one at your group told you. My team had been working on Mugi no Wakusei and we were nearly ready to release when Snow Flower started it. I chatted with your admin and we decided to not fight over it, and you guys continued it.

Needless to say we'd love to do it. Please email me at or catch me on discord. (Kalendel, the admin)

Group is

We actually had all 3 volumes completely redrawn ready to go. I sent them off to your group to use 🙂

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11:46 pm, May 7 2021
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We're a new scan group desperately looking for JTL, here's our Discord server invite link ( We can talk more in details in dm if you want~

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