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Need to find this yaoi manga asap

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2:17 pm, May 8 2021
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[m] Hi i’m new here. There’s a manga i read back in 2018, with the story’s similar to Koi no Enchousen.

The Seme guy of this manga used to be a chubby boy, back then he had already had a crush (or some special connection) with the uke, and if my memory served me right The Uke was his teacher.
The chubby boy grew up hot and find the uke, then what’s come i think you guys must have guessed. I don’t remember clearly about the Uke, but the Seme had the same appearance as the chubby boy in Koi no Enchousen, then when he’s adult he had undercut, six packs and...( i think that’s all I could remember)

The manga could be a bdsm one.

Please help me find out, i really have to read this again. Thank you guys a lot🥺 😳

Found:Sakurada-senpai kaizou keikaku

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