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New Poll - Manga During Pandemic

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4:29 pm, May 10 2021
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How is it both, on here and on imageboards, I've seen people talking about how they cannot read their favorite series because of one site going down when you can find another with a simple web search?

In this situation readers can be divided into two types: those who don't care about where to read and those who choose to reading directly where many scan groups upload the update. MDX is that very place after the old Bato closed down, also: good UI, advanced features, comfortable environment, less annoying ads etc etc compared to other aggreg sites can be the other reason why. This looks like they are complicating things "why don't you just read" but it's up to them whatever the reason (I can only guess anyway).

For this poll my answer is about the same. I don't know since when my reading speed decreased a lot. I like to spend my time looking for new titles but I don't eat them all right away. In the midst of thinking about uni assignments, career prospects, being easily distracted, and wanting to read — I just trying to slowly get through it all.

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2:12 pm, May 11 2021
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the community attached to your host site might have value above and beyond the hosted materials
if the site you were comfortable with suddenly shutdown/changed/XYZ you might find there was a considerable loss of satisfaction between chapters because the comments section at the new place are cancer
I might be inclined to take a year or two off,
and pursue other hobbies before making my heart available to be broken again;
hopefully I'd get a rec in the meantime for a new refuge.

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6:13 am, May 14 2021
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About the same, well, before mangadex died that is;;


4:04 pm, May 14 2021
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Been reading more, I think.

I can't really tell if I am reading more, or just reading differently honestly. Started reading abunch of isekai stories during the pandemic; drop one, start a new one, and repeat. Before, I would read something of quality that's completed and some weekly releasing series. I had plans to finish either Cat Street or The Devil King Is Bored, and now I am just reading trash.

Must be going through existential crisis.

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6:11 pm, May 14 2021
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I read more because Corona hiatused (?) my other hobbies, so I have more free time.

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