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Looking for Typesetters for picking up BL projects. (Cleaners and JTL optional)

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7:05 pm, May 10 2021
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Hello, hello.

I'm a single person, not a scanlation group.
I'm looking for a TYPESETTER (someone who is able do some cleaning as well), or an additional person to do the cleaning ....and the proofreading. (Some help in the translation process would be very welcome too: people who know Japanese/Chinese/Russian/Spanish). q:

I'll be translating these projects anyway in order to improve my Japanese, that's why I'm suggesting this for those who are interested in reading/finishing some BL manga that have been dropped, or that I want to pick up.

The schedule will be very lax, there won't be any deadlines... also, I myself can get very busy at times. The priority is still our life IRL.

I'm not planning on widely spreading some of these projects, so that they won't end up on aggregator sites, so it'll be mainly shared between people we can trust. (and because some projects are taking forever to upload q: ) So, I'm not looking for problems.. (':

If you're okay with that, you can contact me, mail me here on mangaupdates.


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9:30 am, May 16 2021
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Hello, hello!

Now we urgently need a CLEANER! I strongly advise you to go the the list of potential projects and see if you're interested. ^^

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3:07 am, May 21 2021
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Just realized that some of the projects you're going to pick up are other groups' projects. Have you talked to them about it before picking it up?

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9:16 am, May 22 2021
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That's why I said I wasn't sharing all the scanlated scans. Meaning, only the group members are allowed to read them, also, I won't be advertising the fact that I'm translating them. This post is the only place where I'm recruiting.

Also, I'll leave the choice of the project we'll be working on to the people helping me. I've marked with a "o" the projects that are taken, so it'll be useless to be picked up, unless they are dropped. ^^

The ones I would prioritize are the AAA list. (I've upated the list)

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5:24 pm, Jun 4 2021
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Group members as in? Staff or readers? Also you listed some manga that has been licensed. It's better if you don't do that if you don't want to be sued and at least try to respect the author. Why not searching for the info before you wanted it as your projects?
Plus there's a chance that people would release your work publicly though you trust they won't. It's just some advice.

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