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7:06 am, May 12 2021
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Seme and uke liked each other but they both didn't know the feelings of the other. Seme sent a letter to uke saying to meet by this tree or something because seme decided to confess and if uke had the same feelings he'd be going to that place. The letter didn't arrive, so uke had no clue. A few years later(I think it's their college years now) The uke decided to confess to the seme, but the seme thought he was making fun of him. So seme rejected uke. The uke would confess every year? i think and the seme would always reject him. Then finally uke decided to no longer confess this year. When uke went home, his mom gave him a letter saying it was from seme, this was the letter seme sent when they were in highschool. Seme's mom told seme that the uke just got the letter and they both talked and happy ending yehey 😀D

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