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looking for a specific bl

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12:42 pm, May 13 2021
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i only remember i think the side couple, where the seme was like all about protecting(or liking?) the main character of the series, and the uke was kind of in an unrequited love w him.

i think the uke had like... bobby pins or something in his hair, and he played shogi or go often. i remember there was a culture fest and he dressed in a maids outfit? OH i think he crossdressed often too!!! yes he did and he met up w the seme once in a dress and wig and guys started hitting on him and the seme saved him!! yea!!!!

i thinkk there was also a scene where the uke was sick?? like a fever and he had to stay home?? idk

their ending was kinda open ended and they didnt officially get together?? i think. if u know what im talking about id be grateful!!

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3:11 pm, May 14 2021
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Kare to Kare no Ijiwaru na Kyori by Narusaka Rin?

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I S I M P A E T H E R ❤️
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1:40 pm, May 15 2021
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YES !!!!!!! thank you so much!!

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