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Looking for JP Translator for the manga Endevi (Seinen/comedy/fantasy/Great Art)

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11:20 pm, May 16 2021
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I am looking for a Japanese translator for this manga:

Here you can read a few pages from bookwalker: cty=1

I can buy the raws and do the editing (cleaning, redrawing, typesetting) but I don't speak Japanese.

It is the same author of Witch Hat Atelier, and has an amazing artwork.



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11:53 pm, May 16 2021
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Hi, I'm not here to apply. But I wonder is this necessary to do double efforts? Fyi, on the page it says the title has been licensed by Yen Press (see bottom right) and now on its 2 out of 3 volumes. It might be faster if you read what is already available than recruiting which will take some more time.

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