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2:05 pm, May 30 2021
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Hia I am working on three BL manhwa's at the moment and could use some help. One is a cute work place romance and the other is more hardcore smut.

Names are ~

πͺ𐑂 Family Mate
πͺ𐑂 Avle
πͺ𐑂 Don't Let Go Of The Leash

Β°Searching for ~

πͺ𐑂 KTL/JTL
πͺ𐑂 Cleaner/Redrawer
πͺ𐑂 Raw Complier
πͺ𐑂 Typesetter
πͺ𐑂 Quality Checker
πͺ𐑂 English Proofreader
πͺ𐑂 Even owners as I might make a scan group

Contact me here ~

Gmail -
Discord - Carlset#1277

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8:22 am, Jun 1 2021
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Urgent need a KTL for the above projects

Post #791062 - Reply to (#791000) by Calset

9:20 pm, Jun 5 2021
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Need a Japanese translator and Korean translator

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10:38 pm, Jun 5 2021
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Only bump after 7 days

A just ruler amongst tyrants
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5:10 pm, Jun 11 2021
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Really need Korean and Japanese Translators for upcoming projects

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