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Mangaupdates but Japanese

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7:57 am, Jun 8 2021
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Hello. I’m trying to broaden my horizons and find new series to read in Japanese, but the search tags are not it so far. My reference is mostly ebookjapan where the hashtags are very general comments on the work like “I want to keep reading” or “heartwarming” or broader genres like josei or seinen.

I’d like to find new titles to a level of detail on par with Mangaupdates’ Category feature (e.g. Strong Female Lead, Smart Female Lead), but I haven’t had much luck with searching. I might just be spoiled by this site, but I feel like this has to be a thing somewhere in Japanese and would appreciate any help y’all can offer.

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10:43 am, Jun 8 2021
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You meant a database right? But for Japanese itself. I can only think of Manba pretty similar to MU. They have some information on where the series first issued, who is the author, what is the genre, you can see the latest entry, hottest series etc. But unfortunately, I don't remember there is specific category in advanced search. And I doubt that such a site exists out there.

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4:34 pm, Jun 8 2021
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I've found other databases in Japanese but they don't have the advanced search functions of genre and tags, regrettably

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6:51 pm, Jun 8 2021
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Yup, a database. Thanks, Manba looks interesting. I guess I'll give up on the advanced search for now, but would appreciate any sites y'all can recommend.

Also delved a little deeper in the forums and found this discussion thread already exists and the rec from there is ComicWalker

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