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Looking for JTL and KTL (paid $2 per chapter as a base rate)

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10:37 am, Jun 8 2021
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Hi, my friend is looking for JTL and KTL with some experience at least to translate some BL DJs.
Base rate per dj is $2, it increases depending on the number of pages and/or the difficulty of the chapter.

Preferably no MTL, but if you do, please at least have some knowledge of the language just for the sake of the script to make sense.

DM me your discord ID/comment so I can give you more information about this.

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3:43 pm, Jun 8 2021
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From the rules

As an extension of the forum rule on no buying/selling products on the forum, we are also not permitting the buying/selling of recruitment services such as providing raws, translators, etc

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