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Moka Scans is looking for recruits!

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2:56 am, Jun 10 2021
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We are a new, small group, and as we are trying to get more projects, we will be needing more members on our team. We are beginner-friendly, and if you want to gain some experience, feel free to join us!

We don't have any tests right now, and training will be provided if you're completely new!

- Japanese Translators (VERY URGENT)
- Chinese Translators (VERY URGENT)
- Korean Translators
- Quality Checker
- Proofreader
- Raw Provider
- Cleaner/Redrawer (SEMI-URGENT)

Current Projects
- Monk!
- Ah Lü and Ah Mo
- Alice in Mechaland
- Funeral Concerto
- Hero Detective Nick

If you're interested in joining, please DM me!

Our Discord Server:

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