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putting in a new manga on this site

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12:45 am, Jun 14 2021
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hey there is this new series im in too and its very obscure

i havent seen in on my anime list or this site or any site

so i want to give this series that im in too more attention by putting it on this site but i dont know how to do it

what do i need to do

do i give people on here the information about this series or do i do it my self

or what

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1:20 am, Jun 14 2021
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Do it yourself. There is a button called "User CP". It will take you to a control panel that is very easy to follow.

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10:24 am, Jun 14 2021
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MU has an anti-troll system in place where you have to first request editing access (as in, change your user group from Members to Updaters). A super simple process: you just have to click on "edit" on any page and then type into the box that pops up why you want access (ex: what series you want to edit/add). Then a mod approves you, and you can add series to the database anytime you want now.

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