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BL manga where man wakes up next to coworker who he confessed to while drunk

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5:04 pm, Jun 14 2021
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I’m looking for a manga I read a few years ago. I remember most of EXCEPT the title (of course). It’s a one-shot in a collection of the author’s work.

The premise is this: a man wakes up after a night of drinking next to an attractive manager who works in another department at the same store. He can’t remember how he got there. The coworker is affectionate toward him, which contributes to the main character’s freak out. He leaves, goes to work, and later a female coworker teases him about how he was all over the manager of the other department the night prior. The main character tries to brush it off because ‘oh, I’m not gay! And neither is he!’ Except then he realizes that he doesn’t know the manager’s sexuality. He also ends up feeling bad for abruptly leaving that morning, because the manager looked really sad when he left. The main character finally starts to remember that at one point he was lying on the manager’s lap and told him something along the lines of ‘I really want to be with you...’ so the main character realizes that he needs to go talk to this manager. He runs over, bursts into the other department, and loudly confessed to the manager in front of several customers, and of course there’s a happy ending.

The whole thing is pretty light-hearted - no major tragedies or suffering. There’s some implied sex, but no explicit material. I remember that the manager is drawn with light curly hair and the main character is drawn with straight dark hair.

Any help would be appreciated! Thank you all!

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