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mangas that subvert tropes?

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7:18 pm, Jun 16 2021
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so it wouldnt be a particualry bold statment to say that manga can be a tad formulaic, from characters to plotlines there is very little that havent been done, and then done again. to break up the monotony im lookin for some mangas that try to subvert tropes!
a good example of this is mob psycho 100, where One subverted tropes often used in shonen, so instead of the core message being "with the power of friendship we can do anything!" the message was more like "holy shit mob you are a kid you dont need to take on all this responsability, please ask for help from an adult"

do anyone have anything that playes around with tropes in simmular ways? it can be character tropes or plot tropes im not picky, thought i like mangas that have a more genuin feel better than parody/comedy mangas!

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8:23 pm, Jun 16 2021
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Not sure what genres you read, but Ookami Shounen wa Kyou mo Uso o Kasaneru is a romance manga that might fit. I felt like it subverted the trope I expected (guy crossdresses to get closer to his crush and hijinks ensue) and without any spoilers, ended up being a surprisingly enjoyable read.

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9:13 pm, Jun 16 2021
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Care to be more specific what you're looking for? Even "subversion" is a trope.

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8:56 am, Jun 17 2021
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Oyasumi Punpun unsure if this subvert or not, but if you are used to mainstream shonen manga, this depressing seinen manga is enough of a difference.

Dorohedoro there are no real good and bad here, and it's great that there's no romance but pure freindship between male and female leads. I think the art is cool but if you don't like entrails don't read.

One outs this sports manga subvert expectations simply because they don't win by 'grit' or 'friendship' but by maths, logic and psychology. I recommend other manga by this mangaka Liar Game, it is very good psychological game manga.

Kami nomi zo shiru sekai a very cute harem manga but with a good twist! The final girl is very unexpected!

Eden - it's an Endless World! I think its pretty hopeful manga but the way it goes about it to get to that message is a bit twisty.

Melo Holic romance that subvert your expectations

Homunculus I'll just throw in this here if you want a batshit crazy manga

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