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Plz help asap

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3:44 pm, Jul 12 2021
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Plz help
I wanna reread these manga but cannot remember them well

1) short shoujo i think it has two childhood friends.
The guy always bosses the girl around.
I think the manga cover had a guy with black/grey hair with a crown with a girl sitting on the floor near him.

2) short shoujo manga, girl gets to be in a photoshoot with a model. They go on a pretend date so she feels more comfortable with him for modelling

He has a flower or hair tie which is very precious to him. He loses it and she finds it.

Later she finds out shes been replaced by a famous model
When model guy finds out he rushes to her and reminds her that she was the girl who encouraged him during his initial modelling days
Eventually she does the photoshoot.

Ive been desperately looking for these mangas
Plz help
Thank u

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7:52 am, Aug 2 2021
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2) Ochite Chika Chika by Andou Mai 🙂

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