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Tomboy Society is recruiting!

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12:39 am, Jul 26 2021
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Greetings everyone!

Tomboy Society is currently looking for new staff members! We're kind of a new scanlation group, with a chill environment and staff. It's not all about the work, and we like to have some fun too. Our focus is on new/unique titles that interest us (mainly monthly manga), and we have a fairly relaxed working schedule.

While we're still a small team, we're quite experienced and are looking to expand, both in number of series and number of staff!

Do we accept trainees?
We do accept trainees, however, only for typesetting. Most of your training will come from a guide made by us, as well as individual feedback and guidance.

Quick note: We only do manga, no manhwa or manhua.

We're currently looking for the following positions:
Japanese translator (N3 or above) (Urgent)
Redrawers (Experienced, 3-4+ months) (High)
Typesetters (Experienced) (High)
Quality Checkers (Experienced) (Very Urgent) <- You only need TS/Small PR knowledge for this, mainly just touching up any TS.

(Any previous works provided with files and links can be reviewed and have you pass without taking the test).

Current projects:
Rokudou Tousouki (Battle of the Six Realms)
Shutter-machi no Sakura-hime (Cherry Princess of the Abandonded Shopping District)
Shouan to Hibi (Days with Dynamite)
Kurogane no Bara (Wars of the Iron Roses)
Ekijin no Karte (The Chart of Pestilence) (In joint with Arang Scans)

To apply please join our discord server and look in the recruitment channel, thank you very much!
Discord server:

If you do have any questions then please feel free to comment in this thread, thank you!

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