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[Paid] Looking for Murim KTL's and other positions

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1:57 pm, Jul 28 2021
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Alpha Scans is Looking for KTL's who are familiar and comfortable with hanja and can do speedruns. The current pay for chapters is between 2.5-6$ but I plan on increasing that soon.

-MUST be proficient in both English AND Korean.

You Can DM me on Discord: Hwan#1239 or join our discord.

Side Note:
All positions(CL/RD,TS,PR,CTL and JTL) are paid its just that we need proficient KTL's urgently. If you have like 8+ months of experience in the positions listed above feel free to dm me too

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11:58 pm, Jul 28 2021
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From the rules

As an extension of the forum rule on no buying/selling products on the forum, we are also not permitting the buying/selling of recruitment services such as providing raws, translators, etc

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