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[Manga] Male Protagonist Moves into or works at hot spring or inn

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6:40 pm, Aug 1 2021
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It's a family-owned inn or family-owned hot spring and they take in the male protagonist after he's either kicked out of his house or fails school or something. There are three girls who are sisters already living and working there. The main sister is his friend and the protagonist likes her. I know one of the sisters is a red-headed tsundere and the other I believe is extremely lazy. I believe around the third chapter, the protagonist and tsundere are in the showers together and he has an "accident" on her face.

Thank you in advance.

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1:55 pm, Aug 2 2021
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Love Hina?

I saw part of the anime when it aired and the description is similar.

"... Keitarō Urashima and his attempts to fulfill a childhood promise that he made with a girl to enter the University of Tokyo together. However, he has forgotten the name of the girl he made the promise to and hopes to be accepted into the university in order to find her. Having failed the entrance exam twice and with his parents no longer willing to support him, he goes to stay at his grandmother's hotel..."

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Mr. Brightside

3:27 am, Aug 6 2021
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Yes, this is definitely Love Hina, but the three girls aren't sisters. They're just friends. Naru, the main girl, is a tsundere red head. The lazy girl is her older friend who just gambles and drinks all day. The younger friend is a cool beauty.

I recommend Love Hina to people all the time. A true classic.

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