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9:09 pm, Aug 23 2021
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I have a question and looking for people's thoughts/feedback

I am starting to create a new manga

It is going to be a graphic novel (basically a long one-shot) that I plan to make available on Amazon

I want to make as many people aware of it as I can, but can't decide which of these plans is the better way to reach people online to let them know about my manga

Please tell me which of these approaches you think would be more likely to reach people who are interested in trying a brand new manga

1). Sharing samples online of a manga graphic novel that is available on Amazon

2). 10 weekly chapters of a webcomic that establishes the characters and world of a story, and then at the end of it, release a manga graphic novel that continues the story where the 10th chapter of the webcomic ended

I can think of pros and cons for each of them but am not sure what other people think and prefer - if anyone here could tell me which of these approaches you would tend to be more interested by, it would be much appreciated

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6:14 am, Aug 24 2021
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For questions on how to make money on your Manga;

Frst recognize you probably wont. You have to compete with every Webcomic, Manga, Manwhua, Comic, Ect et al. out there. I have no idea of literally anything about your story ,or art style, but just set expectations low, because it is HARD to make money as an artist.

If I had any talent (I do not.) I would do a webcomic format, and make side cash from adds/art. Honestly add a forum so you can steal ideas, i mean keep in touch with your community. Having people who LIKE your art can honestly help more in establishing yourself as an artist professionally.

Then publish the books regularly for people who liked it enough. Maybe make sure the books had any side stories, or world building, (and advertise this, but make it clear its not essential to the story).

Based upon the options given, i'd go with number 2. Again these are independent of the content.

1 Is just giving a few samplers? I'm a bit unclear but I cannot be arsed to read many completely free manga on translated pages by the kind folk around here. Like you have WAY less exposure and as an unknown I cannot see this in any way benefiting you.

2. Still with the problems of low fanbase to start, but at least would let people who got invested to be like "son of a bitch got me invested, he better not kill off best girl or i'mma riot" I read a webcomic that tried to do this. With a cliffhanger. Incidentally, this 2nd option can backfire and you can instantly lose fans in the backlash( I hold a grudge and have completely forgotten the entire story as anger at this dick move replaced that knowledge, which really summarizes well.) which makes me dislike this strategy even though I do believe it would be more effective.

Sorry if this wasn't the best advise, but I hope it was at least a helpful perspective?
good luck, in either case my dude.

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3:42 pm, Aug 24 2021
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Many manga I read nowadays started either as posting on Twitter or other sites and then eventually got enough popularity to get digital or even physical releases. I think due to the general nature of manga readers online you'd be hard pressed to get sales on an unknown product, but I know for me personally, I try to buy tankobon for series I've read online to support the creator later on. So I'd definitely go with option 2 because then you've shown the vibe you're going for without an upfront cost of entry and if people like it, some would probably buy in later.

Also I second just about everything dragonlord7012 said. Very good advice.

Ideally the webcomic could tell a fairly complete story so readers don't feel "tricked" into buying the graphic novel for the ending, but would be open-ended enough that people would want to keep going.

Best of luck to you though and I hope it works out!

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8:41 am, Aug 25 2021
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I suggest having your own page if you're serious about it, with samples of your works and contact info to be commissioned. This is preferable to directly posting on other webs since most webs (even some cloud save services) reserve the rights to use the images you post/upload. There is a 100% chance someone will eventually plagiarise your work, even if it's bad and credit themselves for it.

For the book you should meet and ask advise to someone with experience . After that send emails to various editorials stressing that it's your work with a legal license at the end (I don't remember the legal terms,there are many organisations that created their terms/bases like creative commons...).It's important to credit all your work.

Every artist that wants to make a living of it (or just scrape by) is active on social media ,create accounts on various mainstream or art oriented to get ideas and promete yourself. Center yourself in one since it's very time consuming and redirect everything there.

If you really want to post a webcomic just check the partnership programs of various webs (webtoon, tapas,...) instead of posting randomly and read their terms, but I wouldn't recommend those.

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