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Any romance manga where both ML and FL are lazy bums

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8:07 pm, Sep 13 2021
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So, basically, what I want is a romance manga where both the boy and the girl are really lazy and laid-back (they both love sleeping, eating, stuff like that).
-Any age is ok, but I'd rather read one with school-aged characters (also PLEASE no age gaps).
-Any personality is okay as well, I just don't want way too many differences in their ways of thinking (to the point that it becomes a major point in the plot).
-And also, that might be pretty obvious, but I'd rather read a more slice-of-life-based romance, without too many fiction aspects.
I've already searched through tags, and I got no luck. I sure hope one like those exists!

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2:37 am, Sep 14 2021
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Bonnouji been a while since i read it so might be wrong

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6:24 pm, Sep 14 2021
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She Hates Me is what I would've recommended because it's pretty exactly what you said, but there is an age gap. So best of luck elsewhere I guess. I hope you find what you're looking for!

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