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In your opinions is it weird or is it wrong that I have more than 1 favorite artists & I have more than 1 hentai circles that I'm following & I'm a fan of if I ever do more than 1 favorites

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5:40 am, Sep 16 2021
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Sorry for a bit long title about physical media versions of manga,hentai manga,fakku books,project-H books,anime magazines & hentai magazines I had to ask & before any of you guys start saying anything. Don't worry I do know some if not most creators do backstabbed us the fans & betray us the fans sooner or later & some creators won't backstabbed us the fans & won't betray us the fans.

To proof it I'm looking at you backstabbers at Marvel,DC & localizers especially localizers who censored what we love. & to end it here or at least for now don't worry I know some if not most of us including me if I choose to do it & censored gaming are doing technical breakdown reviews of what we love 🙂.

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