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Anime Summer Fall 2021

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7:51 pm, Oct 2 2021
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The schedule. This season is very interesting so let's get to it after I finish off last season´s late arrival. I stopped with Kaizoku Oujo after ep 2 but those were ok. 6?/10 I won´t go on and expect that I already saw the best the show had to offer. Middle-of-the-road stuff like this is what I expected when Crunchyroll Originals were announced and not the absolute wasteland that came.

Blade Runner: Black Lotus The CG miniseries can´t look like Black Out 2022 for one basic reason. Black Out was bathed in money due to being part of the promo campaign for BR 2049 which turned out to be one of the biggest bombs of all time. I liked the admittedly random trailer just fine and the directors and studio are well chosen for the IP. The question is if a story worth telling will be told as the writer is still unannounced. The new comics by Titan Comics fully failed in that regard so let´s see what Japan has to offer.

Blue Period. will easily be the show of the season. The anime looks a bit different from the manga and the VAs are doing different performances than I expected but they fit. The acting doesn´t sound like an anime if that makes sense and is quite naturalistic. The transgender girl that gets Yatora into art is one of the like 5 fully rounded and believable LGBT+ characters in all of anime and the clear secondary lead but she won´t appear much after the high school arc. That arc should last for most to all of the anime. Prepare for a noticeably different show if we ever get S2. 8.5/10

Bright: Samurai Soul I am not necessarily expecting anything but the CG-ish anime spin-off is so wild that I have to try it out. The original film was a perfectly fine direct-to-video "adaptation" of Shadow Run if you ask me. Nothing special but way over-hated. Poor David Ayer. #ReleaseTheAyerCut

Heike Monogatari´s pilot was very competent but also boring and I don´t remember a single thing from ep 2 so this is where we part. Watch Ghibli´s mega-flop Kaguya-hime no Monogatari instead. Someone has to after all. 6/10

Lupin III: Part 6 Part 5 was well-produced bollocks but a new team is doing this one so we´ll see how the latest iteration turns out. I don´t know if him fighting Sherlock Holmes is a good setup for an ongoing story. Sounds like a much better one-and-done movie. This isn´t the first time a take on Homes was used in the IP of course.

Ousama Ranking I can´t say that I like this quirky children’s manga but it’s kind of interesting that WIT decided to adapt it. If something this off the rails niche can be adapted then who knows what else can?

Platinum End I like the last 2 collaborations of the Jump dream team as much as the next guy but Nr 3 falls apart hard after about 2 volumes. I quit the manga after what ended up becoming the start of act 2 but returned for the last volume. It is one of the worst endings I ever saw. Offensively bad but there is no way to talk about it without spoilers. The female lead also is the worst one yet so have fun with her. I wonder why Tsugumi Ohba has proven incapable of writing women. The assigned studio lastly sucks and the 14 vol manga will be speed though in only 24 eps (maybe a blessing in disguise) so prepare for one of the most hated "high profile" anime in quite some time after the story gets going for real. The seemingly aborted Death Note by Netflix is better. Much better.

Star Wars: Visions aired all 9 of its eps on September 22. We´ll see what this anthology will lead to down the line outside of the tie-in novel but I’ll eat a brick if The 9th Jedi (ep 5) doesn´t become a full show. T0-B1 (ep 6) needs to be pointed out for how astonishing it looked. Science SARU put most big-budget animated films to shame with how fluid and emotive all of this looked. That team needs to win a technical award for their short. I was lastly kinda shocked that the bunny girl ep (8) was one of the grittier entries. 8/10

Saihate no Paladin I am still not fully sure what to think about the source material (I read the manga adaptation of the source LN) and the anime´s studio was cause to worry but so far so good. The near nonexistent issekai element should have never been part of the story. Much better fantasy manga exist but good fantasy anime got rare nowadays. A good enough one is good enough. 7/10

Let's clean up the home media & streaming movie latecomers from last season first. Evangelion: 3.0+1.01 is pointless and tedious but is a marginal improvement on the train wreck 3rd entry. No more Evangelion. 5/10 Words Bubble Up Like Soda Pop is also mediocre from both a writing and direction standpoint. So it’s a true Netflix Anime. Lol. 5/10

Now to the movies from this season. I don´t understand the point of the summary film Koukaku Kidoutai: SAC_2045 - Jizoku Kanou Sensou but look forward to S2. Uchuu Senkan Yamato 2205: Aratanaru Tabidachi - Zenshou: Take Off will finally release and Uchuu no Hou: Erohim-hen (part 3 of ?) will likely turn out to be the most insane animated film of the year. No one makes science-fantasy like Happy Science. Not even Scientology.

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