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Lokking for both a manga and a webtoon.

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12:50 pm, Oct 8 2021
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The manga is about a guy born in a noble home, but doesn't have the cliché strong fighting skills, not even good ones.
But he has instead an "analyse"-like skill. Which makes him able to see what kind of roll a person fits best at.
Spoiler (mouse over to view)
Like when he found a boy born of a race that is looked down on, but will become a great tactician. Or the orphan girl that has a great apptitud for magic.

The webtoon is about a guy reincarnated in what was for him a game before. As a lord in an F-class teritory.
At first he is fat and can't do much with magic. But as he uses his cheat knowledge he gets stronger and stronger in order to save his land.

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7:13 pm, Oct 8 2021
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Thanks. ☺
(Tried to read the name out load, gave up after the half-point. 😜)

Any ideas of the webtoon?

Some more info:
Spoiler (mouse over to view)
He re-instaded the real head of the knights. Saved a merchant from some bandits. Has a maid that are really loyal to him, even when he acted like a lazy drunk (before the mc took over the body). Helped a lady and her daughter when the mother got sick, the mother then got work as the royal cook (I think).

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7:44 pm, Oct 8 2021
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Webtoon is Solo Glitch Player.

Manga read: ~4300

~1500 Ongoing...
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9:32 pm, Oct 8 2021
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Thank you. ☺☺☺

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