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🔴 Urgent‼️ [Paid Work]

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1:41 am, Oct 9 2021
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We are looking for a freelancers to be included in our comic localization team. The translated works are targeting American readers. Our genres range from fantasy, action, superhero to drama, crime, fiction, etc. The assignments are distributed weekly, and we expect the translators to finish at least 10 chapters weekly (around 500-1,000 words per chapter). One comic can have dozens to hundreds of chapters, so we appreciate long-term cooperation.

Positions needed;
🔹 Chinese to English Translator (3)
🔹 Typesetter (2)

The source materials will mainly be in Word documents. A Translation Quality Standard will be provided as a guideline.

The candidates must have at least 2 years of professional/non-professional experience in translation, preferably in the entertainment industry, and familiar with Chinese and English slang. You will need to complete and pass a free small test before taking the actual work. For more information, feel free to contact me here or email at


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7:22 am, Oct 9 2021
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As an extension of the forum rule on no buying/selling products on the forum, we are also not permitting the buying/selling of recruitment services such as providing raws, translators, etc

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