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New BL Scan Group

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2:51 pm, Oct 10 2021
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Hello there! I'm a scanlator looking for staff members for a new BL scan group that I'm planning to create. I have tons of series to work on, just need to choose which and look for people to help me.

What I'm looking for right now:
- Discord server creator and manager
- Raw Provider (can denoise and stitch, be able to bypass paywalled sites)
- Translator (Korean & Chinese) NO MTL!
- Proofreader
- Cleaner & Redrawer
- Typesetter
- Quality Checker.
- Designer

I need EXPERIENCED and ACTIVE people, so please if you know you can't commit for a long time, don't bother applying. You can do so once you're free.

For more information, please contact me through discord: Annasach#5563 or leave your discord username under this thread. Thank you, and I hope I catch your attention!

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4:23 pm, Oct 17 2021
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Cheers! 🥂 We're a freshly made scanlation group that prioritize BL series (both shounen-ai and yaoi). We're currently looking for staff that are ACTIVE and COMMITTED to work on our projects.

We're in dire need of the following positions:

-Raw Provider (can bypass paywalled sites) EXTREMELY URGENT!!!
- English Proofreader
- Cleaner & Redrawer (URGENT!!!)
- Typesetter (URGENT!!!)
- Quality Checker (EXTREMELY URGENT!!!)
- Designer (credit pages, recruitment ads, series cover, etc) EXTREMELY URGENT!!!

- Falling Galaxy (manhua, shounen ai)
- Punishing The Jerk From Now On (manhua, shounen ai, yaoi)
- I Have To Work Hard being a Cat Today Too (manhua, shounen ai)

No experience needed for TLs, you have to take a test. CLRD & TS have test now, and we take in PR trainees now for beginners and those who want to learn proofreading. experience needed for QC!
If you're interested, you can join the group with the discord link below or
contact Annasach#5563. Thank you, and I hope you join us!!!

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