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Looking for this weird harem manga ?

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10:46 pm, Oct 11 2021
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i swear the artstyle and the characters seems looks like big order characters but it is not made by big order authour ,i looked for it

i forgot the plot, i think it is about saving the girl and the world at same time

it seems have time reset or such

setting in our modern japan

mc have short black hair and looks like big order protagonist

i remember it have 34 chapters, at chapter 33 he risk his life to fight demon or god enemy , then at chapter 34 he wake up at his own room and think it is a dream. then a short woman with nazi outfit talk to him, i forgot what they talk, in the end mc asked what about the cooking contenst and the woman say relax the girls win when you left to fight. Then 4-5 girls was sleeping outside mc room, and the woman say geez the girls love you and wait your return. The ending is the 4-5 girls then chase mc for something about who he love the most.

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4:17 am, Oct 12 2021
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Ore ga Heroine o Tasukesugite Sekai ga Little Mokushiroku!?

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