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Looking for a yaoi manga

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1:54 am, Oct 13 2021
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I know it's a bit of a reach, but I thought I'd try anyway - I'm looking for a yaoi manga, of which I remember neither the author, neither the plot. I just know:

1. It was a yaoi manga
2. There was a quote in it that went EXACTLY like that: "He won’t know that he should wash himself after each time you catch sight of him, considering how much your eyes defile his entire body."
3. Some tropes I thiiink may have been included in that manga:
- childhood friends, OR
- brothers/step-brothers/half-brothers, OR
- guardian (meaning older seme/uke responsible for/taking care of younger uke/seme)
- seme with glasses (maaaybe?)
- non-con (?)

Any help would be appreciated!

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