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Daylight Scanlation is recruiting!

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6:25 pm, Oct 13 2021
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Heya!! We are DAYLIGHT SCANLATION, a really new group. We mostly do BL comics but we do comics of other genres too.

・゚・:.。.:゚:✼✿ PROJECTS ✿✼:゚:.。.:・゚・
⚫An Accident In Broad Daylight (BL, Slice of Life, school, Manhua) [ONGOING] (need CLRD)
⚫Cultivation To Immortality? The Horrible Kind (BL, Historical, Fantasy, Manhua) [ONGOING]
⚫Of All The Transmigration,Why Am I a Prisoner (BL, Historical, Manhua) [ONGOING]
⚫In The Same Room (BL, Comedy, Slice of Life, Manhwa) [ONGOING] (need KTL)
⚫The Royal Prince's First Love (BL, Shounen ai, drama, school, manhua) [ONGOING]
⚫Paper Flower (BL, Yaoi, smut, mature, adult, manhwa) {COLLAB WITH GODLY SCANS} [ONGOING]
⚫Love Has Fangs (BL, Shounen ai, psychological, mystery, Manhua) [ONGOING] (Need CTL)
⚫Chimera Heart (BL, Modern, Mystery, Thriller, Shounen ai, Manhwa) [ONGOING] (need KTL, TS)
⚫I Ended Up Marrying A Girl I Hate In My Class (Shoujo, romance, comedy, slice of life, school, Manga) {COLLAB WITH AKUYAKU SCANS} [ONGOING]
⚫I Saved The Demon King (Historical, Comedy, Manhua) [ONGOING] (Need CTL and CLRD)

✧・゚: ✧・゚: - :・゚✧:・゚✧

☆.。.:We Are Currently Recruiting:.。.☆

◦•✿Korean Translators (Non-MTL)✿•◦[IN DIRE NEED]
◦•✿Chinese Translators (Non-MTL)✿•◦[IN DIRE NEED] (For GLs and BLs and others)
◦•✿Japanese Translators (Non-MTL)✿•◦[IN DIRE NEED]

[All of the positions need to take a small test.]

To apply as a staff, dm Dazzel#6788 in discord or join our server and apply in the recruitment channel.♡


✩。:•.───── ❁ ❁ ─────.•:。✩

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