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Looking for a forgotten Manga (Short romance story, includes boxing)

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12:52 pm, Oct 14 2021
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Hi guys,

Tried searching for the manga but to avail. It's been bugging me quite a lot.

All I remember is that the manga was quite short, the plot revolves around the heroine having a crush on a boxer, where he subsequently transfers to her school. Meanwhile the MC who likes the heroine had to hide his feelings for her or something along the lines.

That's all I could remember, sorry if the info is too little.

Thank you!

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3:37 pm, Oct 14 2021
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Saotome Girl, Hitakakusu?

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4:55 pm, Oct 14 2021
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Ahh it's not this one, I remembered it had way less chapter than that. Probably 5-20 ish

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