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Looking for a (forgotten) smut manga with MC being a male idol

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6:30 am, Oct 15 2021
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Hi, I read this manga a while ago but this is the plot that I remember (and it's pretty messed up...):

(Trigger warnings: gang bang rape, sexual abuse, infidelity, blackmail)

Genre: I think it's smut, that was how I found it in the first place.
Length: Definitely not a oneshot, I think the scanlated ones may range anywhere from 30 to 70...?)

FL has a boyfriend (let's call him A) and I think because of his work the two somehow get into contact with a popular idol band (or maybe the FL wants to meet the band and because of A's job, they are able to do so?). The ML is the lead singer (?)/member of this popular band, and I'm pretty sure he secretly likes A iirc, so he hates FL (at the start) because he is jealous of her.

FL then gets raped by the band members sans ML, who is with A and discussing about some stuff. I can't remember if he did it intentionally so FL would get raped. Somehow the FL thinks it's a great idea to keep it a secret (or I think there's some reasoning behind it, probably blackmail pictures or sth??) so she pretends everything's fine.

Somehow or rather, ML gets blackmail content/some dirt on the FL, and he uses that to threaten her into having sex with him. So FL cheats on A with the ML, but I think the ML is doing this because he wants them to break up since he is in love with A. A bunch of chapters pass, blah blah blah, and then we have some girl (?? forgot who she is) who seduces A and he ends up cheating on FL with this girl. I think the scene was she was staying at A's place temporarily for some stuff and she came out of the shower in some bathrobe, scantily clad, tempted him and he gave in.

A specific scene I remember from the manga is when the ML has sex with the FL while she is on a phone call with A. She has to act like nothing is happening when ML is forcing himself onto her.

As for the ML's backstory, I think he may have sexually abusive relatives but I am not too sure.

The manga itself is complete, but I'm pretty sure as of a few years ago it wasn't completely scanlated. I think the translators gave up halfway (lol, I would too) but from the raw scans I've heard about on Reddit, the ending is the FL and ML somehow ending up together.

I know this manga is completely and utterly messed up, and blame my past self for reading this train wreck, but now that I've suddenly remembered it my curiosity won't let me rest until I figure out the title... Thanks for enduring until now, and I'm sorry if this has been an uncomfortable read.

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10:25 am, Oct 15 2021
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i dont know this but now i also wanna read it.

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12:29 pm, Oct 15 2021
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Cross n Crime is the manga you are looking for. I can never forget that series

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