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Forgotten ecchi roommates manga

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7:16 pm, Oct 16 2021
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So here's a little info i have of this manga. A guy who lives in an appartment suddenly got himself a new younger girl rommate (free loader) he didn't ask for. The girl was like a mangaka. She had an editor who visits her regarding her work. There's a lot of sexual tension between the two. There was this chapter with the male lead watching a program (something like NATGEO WILD) about a male bird doing a funny dance or sound with its feathers to attract the female bird, male lead identified himself with the bird and try seducing the younger girl. Male lead was like a man servant, doing house work, putting food on the table, doing laundry. And oh an extra info, the girl likes to masturbate when she's frustrated 😳 Do you guys know the manga's name?

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8:05 am, Oct 17 2021
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I think your talking about Gaishuu Isshoku .

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Bout time to aHero

7:44 am, Oct 23 2021
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Yeah it's gaishuu isshoku

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