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Harlequin About a Model and Photographer

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9:00 pm, Oct 20 2021
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I remember reading this on batoto recently, the gist of it was about a model and a world famous photographer. The photographer used to be married to another model he discovered but they divorced cause she found someone richer than him.

I specifically remember the MC called the ML Helios the sun god and bought him a statue of Helios based on the ancient statue in Greece since it reminded her of him while she was on vacation to visit her sister and her family.

At the end of the novel the ML’s ex-wife comes and breaks them up by saying something and the ML is like I’m getting back together with my ex to the MC and then she breaks the Helios statue by throwing it out the window. It ends with him patching it up together and proposing to the MC after he finds out his ex is lying to him and that she actually can’t have children cause she got a hysterectomy a long time ago so she wouldn’t ruin her figure.

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7:46 am, Oct 23 2021
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Found it! It was “Eye of Heaven” by Michelle Reid / Marito Ai.

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