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New Poll - Offensive Speech

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Post #793547 - Reply to (#793545) by Tiber727
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9:36 pm, Nov 8 2021
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Warn: Banned

Quote from Tiber727
The left calls their beliefs "Anti-racism" because the name sounds positive.

That, and because they didn't get the results they wanted by encouraging people to not be "racist". Notice how the new slogan is "Be Anti-Racist" as opposed to the old slogan of simply "Don't be racist". Also, all Wannabe Dictators love playing with words because they get to establish the definitions on the fly. Look no further than the CCP changing every political definition to "It's X with Chinese characteristics".

Quote from Tiber727
(P.S. Yes I know I'm never going to "win" the argument, but I enjoy pointing out bad logic.)

If you really want him to short circuit, you could point that the person who started slavery in the Americas was a black man by the name of Anthony Johnson, who took it to court that he owned his indentured servants for life.

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11:23 am, Nov 12 2021
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Cancel culture is just like the shame culture of previous era but in reverse. Back then you will be cancelled, shunned, and possibly killed for being whatever it is - gay, black, trans, disabled, a non virgin woman, etc. Nowadays (in primarily European/ Anglosphere culture) you will be cancelled and shunned for saying anything against these group.

So I don't think people are becoming more sensitive or whatever, it's just the target group of being sensitive against is different. Or maybe even less sensitive. I mean, how sensitive are you that a black man sharing your water fountain make you so angry and that you want to kill someone?

Post #793609 - Reply to (#793606) by whitespade

3:29 pm, Nov 12 2021
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You think that people aren't still shunned, shamed, ostracized, given threats of assault/death/rape, or are assault/death/rape, for being: LGBTIA, someone who tolerates/accepts LGBTIA, someone who talks about LGBTIA, disabled, a non-virgin, a non-christian, non-white, any other minority, tolerating/accepting minorities, someone who dares to wear a mask during the pandemic, being against sexism, making a video/computer game that has female characters that aren't ludicrously hyper-sexualized and/or isn't violent… etc?
Where do you live? Jupiter? You clearly also pay no attention to any news media, social media etc.

The non-woke people, are the people who are the most fierce and aggressive, against people they disagree with. On any issue, there are some on all sides who make threats (which is bad and unjustified), fire people (which can be perfectly justified …or not), some who disinvite people from events (which is perfectly valid and justifiable, as is the rest that follows. Demanding that one not be allowed to do so, on the other hand, would be an utterly unjustified and fascistic act), cancel shows, call for a person to be fired, shame others etc etc
…but the non-woke and the right wing, have always been the ones who do it most, and most fiercely.
They had more power to have it implemented, in the past, but they have never stopped.

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