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New Poll - Three Wise Monkeys

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Post #793590 - Reply to (#793526) by Ceiye
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1:57 pm, Nov 11 2021
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Quote from Ceiye
My favorite color of hamster is creamsicle: orange and white. I had a pet hamster that color with three legs when I was eight, and he was a sweetie. Then I got another hamster who was just orange and he sucked. It's very subjective, but every nice hamster I've encountered was orange and white. But that could just also be because that's like 80% of the big boy hamster colors and most chonky hamsters are pretty chill except for my one hamster

My sister has a nice orange and white one right now. Mine wasn’t very friendly, it probably wanted to go run in the Syrian desert.

Quote from HikaruYami
I wouldn't be prompted to talk in meetings at work, I could just communicate everything with email.

My first thought with ‘deaf’ was definitely ‘no more meetings’!! I don’t think that muteness would save me, I would just have to listen at the meetings and type input into the chat function.

Post #793601 - Reply to (#793521) by KaoriNite
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3:40 am, Nov 12 2021
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Someone like Andrea Bocelli is the perfect example of great blind singer mmm...

I will change this world mmm...
So the world can change me mmm...
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