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Looking for translators for Jiro Taniguchi or alternative manga

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12:26 am, Nov 7 2021
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Group: Taniguchi Scanlations

A little about us: We are a small scanlation group focused on translating Jiro Taniguchi's works into English, but we are also very passionate about bringing more attention towards alternative manga. Our group has very lenient deadlines and we welcome anyone to join our server and chat about anything.

We are currently looking for French and Japanese(not as urgent but always welcome) translators to work on some Taniguchi. We do have some stuff planned for the future, but are in need of more translators for Trouble Is My Business and other exciting projects.

This is not a paid position, our members are all working in their free time, hence the lenient deadlines.

Be sure to contact us on our Discord server or email if you want to help out.

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10:06 pm, Nov 14 2021
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We're still looking for translators, hit us up if you want to help out!

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5:36 pm, Nov 16 2021
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Hi! Id be willing to help translate ! I dont have much experience but I will try my best. You can reach me at

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10:28 pm, Nov 25 2021
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We're always looking for more translators, feel free to join our Discord!

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7:10 pm, Dec 4 2021
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Our group is still in search of more French and Japanese translators. If you wish to help out or just chat about obscure manga, come on over to our Discord server

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