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Seeking help for a couple manga

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6:20 pm, Nov 10 2021
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OK, I'm totally new to this, but I was hoping to make translations for a couple manga. For various reasons I used some of my spare time to write up translations but translation is all I can do. I don't even really know what other people/jobs I need to make a good scanlation. As such I'm seeking help. I don't care if it's an existing group that's willing to take the translations and go with them or individuals willing to get together.

The first one I've translated is Anzou Kunko's Pixiv series Namaiki na Kouhai Joshi wo Wakarasetai Hanashi, which can be found at Basically a second-year with an annoying first-year girl who's always flirtatiously teasing him. He wants to "teach her a lesson" but has no clue what her life is like when she's not around him.

Second, I went and translated a portion of Chisa X Pon, from chapter nine through the end of the third volume. I seriously want to have this one done as I really don't like how people avoid it thinking it's NTR or something. I re-translated a few already translated chapters because there were some seriously awful errors on crucial points, that completely changed what was going on.

Either comment here or PM me. I'd like to have at least one person with experience who can give me advice on how to go about these things.

Currently I have:
Translation: self
Raws: self
Editing: MsDoodles

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8:59 pm, Nov 17 2021
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I got an offer from MsDoodles for the editing portion on Chisa X Pon. As said before I don't know what positions there are so advice too would be welcome.

I'm quite confident in my translations, though I might need to go back and adjust if a line is too long or something. Additionally, I have quality raws so I should have no problem providing those.

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2:02 am, Nov 26 2021
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3:49 am, Nov 27 2021
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I sent you a PM.

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9:45 pm, Nov 30 2021
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Fixed the pixiv link.

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