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Become a One-person-Manga team with my limited Manga Scanlation Workshop!!

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5:51 am, Nov 12 2021
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Are you tired of posting for members to form a team and you aren't getting any responses? Do your favorite Japanese manga is still sitting there untranslated? Well, let's do something about it, come to my workshop:

With my manga workshop you can learn all at once:

-Kanji Capturing
-Translating by multiple machine translation (Japanese-English, Japanese knowledge not necessary!!)
-Creative writing for manga translation and common mistakes of translators (knowing them is half the battle!)
-Correct fonts for typesetting
-Basic typesetting for enjoyable manga reading
-Basic manga edition
-Promoting your work and distributing your manga translations.

This limited workshop will show you the ropes on how to start a project from beginning to end and it ends with you delivering your assignment to us, all we ask in return is that we can use your completed assignment for our group (you'll be credited on it, of course) we have a fun sci-fi violent action manga that you'll be assigned to do, be aware of the content before signing up.

The limit is 8 people for this workshop and the workshop is designed to be step-by-step from raw pages to the final translated pages. We will be communicating via discord or Pm's
There will be about 6 Sessions or less and you will be provided with fonts and programs if you need them.

I hope you have fun learning our method and that you can share all the manga that you want with the community.

PM me to sign up, or questions before taking a slot in the workshop.

Thanks for the interest.

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4:35 pm, Nov 14 2021
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Five slots available, we are starting the workshop next Thursday, Nov 18th

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11:32 pm, Nov 14 2021
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Please don't teach people how to MTL manga, lol.

Post #793646 - Reply to (#793603) by remasterbots

2:11 am, Nov 15 2021
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If the workshop is free I might be interested. Where do I contact you?

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3:54 am, Nov 15 2021
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No. Please, no. We have enough mtl as it is.

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9:34 am, Nov 15 2021
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Remasterbots is likely the alt of ichido reichan, I would recommend avoiding this guy.

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12:07 am, Nov 16 2021
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[Please don't teach people how to MTL manga, lol.]

[No. Please, no. We have enough mtl as it is.]

A few points to clarify:

1- Workshop is free

2-MTL is a learning tool, much like direct translations from native speakers are also unusable, the quality of the final versions of a script depends solely on the participant's skill. MTL is a reality already on many mangas and, at this point on, we have to embrace and make it better rather than discourage people from using it.

3- Manga are lazy stories and simple entertainment. I've been a manga reader for 28 years, so you'd think I know a thing or two about manga stories. Spoiler alert: They are all the same. There are tiny chances my participants want to translate a manga that I haven't come across before. Shonen? Shojo? Seinen? romantic shipping? business manga? I've seen them ( and worked on almost) all.

4- Achyf is a troll, don't mind him. Once again, this is a FREE workshop manga from Japanese page to a readable English page without knowing Japanese. If you are against it, then, go and buy licensed books.

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6:48 pm, Nov 17 2021
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No. MTL is not a learning tool. Stop trolling.

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8:33 pm, Nov 17 2021
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well, I guess when you make your own workshop, you'll have to put a requirement "Japanese native speakers only" Which, by the looks of this site, there are none. Welcome to the future! We don't need Japanese speakers no more.

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2:02 pm, Nov 20 2021
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Manga Workshop has started and we have closed the slots for this time around. Thanks for the interest and we will follow up on the results of our workshop here.

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Mr. Brightside

3:42 pm, Nov 20 2021
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You have zero understanding of Japanese if you think a MTL is equivalent to an actual translation.

"We can not resort to simplistic or extreme solutions which substitute myths for common sense."
― Jimmy Carter
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8:18 am, Nov 21 2021
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But, who cares about accuracy, right? it is a fan translation after all. If you are expecting quality for free, you are more naive than you think you are.

We gonna teach people how to do it right, and if they don't know or don't understand, to make it up. Come on, all manga stories are the same, we aren't translating medical textbooks here.

Is not like scanlations aren't chock full of mistakes. Think of me as the Bob Ross of scanlations.

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